Opti-Mist Plus Nebulizer



Opti-Mist Plus Nebulizer – The scalable nebulization solution

  • For tracheobronchial and alveolar deposition
  • Scalable by gas flow, Opti-Mist Plus produces particles with an average Mass Median Aerodynamic Diameter (MMAD) between 3.3 and 1.3 micrometers
  • Usable in positions between 0° and 90°
  • Part of a wide range including hand held kits, mask kits and closed systems

Opti-Mist Plus Nebulizer represents a complete nebulization solution by providing a range of configurations designed to suit patient’s needs. 

Scalable by gas flow, Opti-Mist Plus Nebulizer produces particles with an average MMAD between 3.3 and 1.3 micrometers and therefore:

  • Can be used for both tracheobronchial and alveolar deposition
  • Eliminates the need for different nebulizers

High nebulization rates provide:

  • Efficient nebulization at low residual volumes, minimizing medication waste

High nebulization rates

Usable in positions between 0° and 90°:

  • Allowing patients to maintain comfortable position during treatment

Particle sizes

                              Particle sizes.

More information:

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Customer Service
For more information or to order samples, please contact our customer service at +44 1244 832206. 

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