An introduction to ConvaTec Mouldable Technology™ skin barriers

What is ConvaTec Mouldable Technology™?
Designed to Provide a Worry-free Fit Around the Stoma

Matthew Dawson, Research and Development Engineer, ConvaTec, USA

Peristomal skin integrity is vital for successful adhesion. If the skin becomes damaged, this can often lead to a cyclical pattern of leakage and thus further skin damage. Keeping effluent off the skin will reduce the likelihood of this pattern occurring. A good skin barrier is the first line of defense in maintaining healthy skin around the stoma. Achieving a good fit can be a challenge as traditional skin barriers are difficult to size and shape. Patients find cutting difficult and time consuming and for those patients with an irregular stoma this can be a constant source of concern.

ConvaTec Mouldable Technology™ skin barriers were developed to provide a snug fit between the stoma and adhesive to significantly reduce the risk of leakage onto the skin. ConvaTec Mouldable Technology™ skin barriers are easy to use because there is no need for cutting. Instead, the adhesive is rolled open to provide a customised fit regardless of the size and shape of the stoma. When on the body, the adhesive adjusts to the changing size of the stoma throughout the day. This is especially helpful during the immediate weeks post-surgery when the stoma is dramatically changing size and shape.

Adhesive_upon_application The_Turtlenecking_Effect
Adhesive upon application The "Turtlenecking" effect
  • Adjustable adhesive with rebounding memory ensures a close fit between the stoma and skin barrier lessening the risk of effluent coming into contact with the skin.
  • To further improve fit, the Durahesive ® technology "turtlenecks" partially up the stoma. Turtlenecking is the effect of the adhesive gently and comfortably swelling around the stoma. This results in even greater leakage protection.

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