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With all the challenges that come with having a stoma, ConvaTec has developed a variety of accessories to complement your stoma care system. Although everyone may not need accessories, they can help maintain your peristomal skin integrity. When preparing to apply your stoma care appliance, consider these things to maintain healthy peristomal skin.

Fill in the gaps between the skin barrier and your stoma

For two-piece systems: After applying your skin barrier, check to make sure you do not see skin between the skin barrier and your stoma. This often occurs with cut-to-fit or pre-cut skin barriers, because not everyone can cut perfectly to fit their stoma shape or size, and not all stomas are perfectly round.

QUICK TIP: After cutting your skin barrier to the size of your stoma, or prior to applying a pre-cut skin barrier, you can fill in the gap between your stoma and skin barrier with Stomahesive ® Paste. Applying a small bead of paste around the opening prior to applying the skin barrier will help fill in the gaps.


For one-piece systems: With a one-piece stoma care system you can not see the seal you have created between your stoma and the skin barrier. As a result, you may not be getting a good fit, which could lead to skin complications.

QUICK TIP: After cutting your skin barrier, apply a small bead of Stomahesive ® Paste around the stoma opening. This will help fill any unforeseen gaps.

Keep your peristomal skin healthy by creating a protective layer between the skin barrier and your skin:

To help protect against irritation of your peristomal skin, you may want to consider using a protective barrier wipe prior to applying your skin barrier.

QUICK TIP: Using ConvaCare ® Protective Barrier Wipes provides a thin, comfortable film, which helps protect against skin stripping and irritation caused by the application and removal of your skin barrier.


For gentle removal of your skin barrier and adhesive residue buildup:

Wearing an stoma care system may lead to a buildup of adhesive residue on your skin over time that soap and water may not wash away. A buildup of adhesive residue may cause your skin barrier to not stick as effectively.

QUICK TIP: Using an adhesive remover wipe like ConvaCare ® Adhesive Remover will help gently remove your skin barrier or any unwanted adhesive residue that builds up over time. ConvaCare ® Adhesive Remover consists of an emollient-rich formula that helps to leave skin feeling supple, soft, and smooth.


ConvaTec provides additional accessories to address your needs.

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