Maintaining healthy peristomal skin

Stoma output can be harmful to the skin around your stoma (peristomal skin). When urine or faeces come into contact with your skin, they can irritate your skin. The skin barrier (in the case of a two-piece stoma care system) or the adhesive (in the case of a one-piece stoma care system) is essential in preventing and managing peristomal skin damage. The skin barrier connects the pouch to your tummy and protects sensitive peristomal skin from stoma output.

On our two-piece systems, ConvaTec offers two skin barrier options:

ConvaTec one-piece systems feature a thin, flexible adhesive designed to protect your skin and allow for more frequent pouching system changes.

Proper fit of the skin barrier around the stoma is also critical in preventing peristomal skin problems.

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Adhesive rebounds to gently
hug stoma upon application
Adhesive's elastic materials allow the barrier
to expand and contract during wear

To address this issue, ConvaTec offers a special mouldable skin barrier designed to hug the contours of your stoma and eliminate gaps. ConvaTec Mouldable Technology™ skin barriers provide a snug fit that may help minimise the likelihood of developing peristomal skin problems.


The peristomal skin is where the pouching system is placed. If your skin is damaged, it becomes harder for the skin barrier to adhere to your skin. When you apply the skin barrier, it is important to make sure your skin is intact and dry. This will ensure the pouching system stays in place between changes. It is also important to remember that living with a peristomal skin complication can affect your daily comfort and quality of life. Remember, prevention is the key to maintaining healthy peristomal skin.


Skin should be intact and healthy. You should make note of how your skin looks when it is healthy. Peristomal skin should look similar to the skin on the other side of the tummy (i.e., intact, non-irritated). Once you know what your skin looks like normally, you can watch for signs of possible skin disorders.

Healthy Skin

Irritated Skin




Having a peristomal skin complication is one of the most common reasons people living with a stoma seek medical attention. If you are worried that you may have a peristomal skin complication, do not hesitate to contact your healthcare professional as soon as possible.

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