AQUACEL® dressing with Strengthening Fibre

Introducing Strength

AQUACEL ® Dressing with Strengthening Fibre has all the advantages of the original AQUACEL® Ribbon Dressing and now even more strength.1

Stitchbonding has been added to strengthen the original AQUACEL® Ribbon Dressing1

  • Over 20 times strongera
  • More than 1.3 times less shrinkagea

The benefits of strength

All the advantages of AQUACEL ® Dressings:

  • supports wound healing by providing a moist wound environment2
  • protects the periwound skin2
  • helps reduce pain in situ and on dressing removal3-6

Plus the added advantages of:1

  • increased strength to help prevent breakage
  • reduced shrinkage

The technology behind the success

AQUACEL ® dressing with Strengthening Fibre contains the unique ConvaTec Hydrofiber® Technology, which gels upon contact with wound exudate. This gelling action allows AQUACEL ® Dressings with Strengthening Fibre to:

  • lock in exudate and microorganisms that are contained within the exudate7
  • contour to the wound bed8
  • respond to the wound environment
    - absorbs wound fluid and creates a soft gel
    - silver version releases ionic silver in a controlledb manner as wound exudate is absorbed9,10,b


Artist's interpretation

Some of the many potential applications

The added strength of AQUACEL ® Dressing with Strengthening Fibre makes it an ideal partner in the management of:c

  • excised abscesses
    - MRSA infection is found in approximately 61% of abscesses11
  • excised pilonidal cysts
  • cavity wounds
    - absorbs exudate and microorganisms7

Other potential applications include:

  • sinus tracts (post-procedure)
  • suture lines
  • fingers and toes of paediatric patients (burns, abrasions)
  • pin (ortho) and tube (g-tube, PEG) sites
  • finger or toe degloving
  • circumcision sites

AQUACEL ® Dressing with Strengthening Fibre
- AQUACEL® Ribbon Dressing just got stronger!

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