Clinical study results

Caruso, et al. 2006

In a randomised clinical study of AQUACEL ® Ag Dressing versus silver sulfadiazine, AQUACEL ® Ag Dressing was associated with:1

  • Significantly less pain and anxiety during dressing changes (P=0.002 and P=0.009, respectively)
  • Fewer dressing changes and less nursing time (P<0.001)
  • Fewer procedural and opiate medications during dressing changes
  • Lower average total cost of care per burn healed versus silver sulfadiazine cream
  • Less than half the number of dressing changes as silver sulfadiazine
  • Significantly less nursing timeper dressing change
  • 28% reduction in the cost per partial thickness burn healed compared to silver sulfadiazine
  • Lower total treatment cost for a 21-day regimen (including dressings medication and labour):

Caruso, et al. 2004

In a phase II non-comparative trial of AQUACEL ® Ag Dressing in superficial, mid-dermal and mixed partial-thickness burns:2

  • The ability of AQUACEL ® Ag Dressing to soothe pain was rated as "excellent" or "very good" in 91% of patients by the investigator at final assessment
  • There was a significant reduction in pain whilst the dressing was in situ between baseline and day-3 and baseline and day-5 (P=0.0006 and P=0.0256, respectively)
  • "77% [of] patients achieved complete healing ... within 14 days ... [with] ... AQUACEL® Ag [dressing]"
  • "[With AQUACEL® Ag] the dressing/wound interface remains moist, thereby ... [supporting] ... an appropriate environment for re-epithelialisation of the superficial and mid-dermal areas"

Paddock, et al. 2007

In a retrospective review of data on pediatric patients treated with AQUACEL ® Ag Dressing versus silver sulfadiazine:3

  • Total and direct hospital costs per treated patient were significantly lower for AQUACEL ® Ag Dressing(P<0.001 and P=0.004, respectively)
    • Fixed and variable costs for AQUACEL® Ag totaled: $2,594
    • Fixed and variable costs for silver sulfadiazine totalled: $6,389
    • "application of ... ( AQUACEL ® Ag Dressing) reduces both total charges and direct costs for paediatric patients admitted with partial-thickness burn wounds."

Jude, et al. 2007

In a randomised trial of 134 patients, treated with a protocol of care including AQUACEL ® Ag Dressing or calcium alginate dressing for the management of nonischemic diabetic foot ulcers:4

  • The decrease in ulcer depth, in the AQUACEL ® Ag Dressing group was twice that of the calcium alginate group (P=0.042)
  • The mean time to healing was 53 days for the AQUACEL ® Ag Dressing group and 58 days for the calcium alginate dressing group (P=0.340)
  • 87.7% of patients diabetic foot ulcer managed with AQUACEL ® Ag Dressing were healed or improved compared with 70.8% of patients managed with calcium alginate dressings (P=0.058)

Vanscheidt, et al. 2003

In a multicentre, non-comparative clinical trial of 15 patients with chronic leg ulcers, managed with AQUACEL ® Ag Dressing, the following was observed5:

  • 95% of ulcers managed in the protocol of care showed marked or mild improvement after 28 days
  • Mean reduction of ulcer area was 23.9%
  • Pain scores from baseline to final evaluation were significantly reduced for both dressing in situ and during removal (P<0.05).

Jurczak, et al. 2007

In a randomised trial of 67 patients, comparing AQUACEL ® Ag Dressing with povidone-iodine gauze in the management of open surgical and traumatic wounds:6

  • "At final evaluation,...( AQUACEL ® Ag Dressing)...was significantly better than povidone-iodine gauze for overall ability to manage pain (P<0.001)"
  • AQUACEL ® Ag Dressing was significantly better than povidone-iodine gauze in terms of wound trauma on dressing removal (P<0.001) and ease of use (P<0.001)
  • At study completion 23% of subjects managed with AQUACEL ® Ag Dressing had healed versus 9% for povidone-iodine gauze, although statistical significance was not achieved.

AQUACEL ® Ag Dressing was significantly better than povidone-iodine gauze for the management of exudate (P<0.001)


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