Optimising fluid management

How It Works

Water Proof/Bacteria Barrier - Allow a controlled rate of moisture evaporationa

Soft Absorbent FOAM pad - Absorbs excess fluid a

Gel-forming AQUACEL® contact layer - Vertically wicks, micro-contours and maintains a moist wound environment2,a,b

Optimal fluid handling capacity - comparable to other foam dressings (e.g. Mepilex® Border, Allevyn® Gentle Border, Biatain® Silicone) as demonstrated in vitro1

  • Some foam dressings allowed exudate to spread laterally3,a,b
    Allevyn Mepilex Borderdressing

    Allevyn® Plus Adhesive dressing

    Mepilex® Border dressing

  • AQUACEL® foam dressing prevented lateral spread of fluid, even under pressure3,a,b

    AQUACEL® foam Dressing

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