DuoDERM® Extra Thin dressing


Thin flexible and versatile...

designed to reduce the risk of further skin breakdown
due to friction

DuoDERM® Extra Thin dressing can be used as a primary hydrocolloid dressing for dry to lightly exuding wounds.

It can be used as a secondary dressing to secure AQUACEL® dressing or AQUACEL® Ag dressing.

The European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (EPUAP) and The National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP) guidelines recommend the usage of hydrocolloids for the management of pressure ulcers.1

DuoDERM® Extra Thin dressing can be used to manage stage I and stage II pressure ulcers.


  • Thin polyurethane film provides a bacterial2 and viral3 barriera b when the dressing remains intact and without leakage
  • Film provides a waterproof barrier over the dressing
  • Can be removed without damaging newly formed tissue
  • Designed to reduce the risk of further skin breakdown due to friction by preventing contact with clothes/bed linen
  • Can be used on the body as a primary or secondary dressing
  • Can be used on skin tears and superficial wounds, dry to lightly exuding wounds, newly-formed tissue or skin at risk of further breakdown


  • Translucent backing enhances dressing placement and initial monitoring of the woundc
  • Are easy to use4, mould and can be cut to shapea to dress awkward areasc
Prior To Dressing   Applying A Dressing   Removal
Ease Of Application -Peel   Ease Of Application -Peel2    Ease Of Application -Apply3    Ease Of Application -Smooth4    Ease Of Application -Removal5
Wash your hands, cleanse and rinse the wound then dry the surrounding skin

Measure the wound to select the appropriate dressing size, allowing a 3cm (1¼ inches) overlap on intact skin around the whole wound
  Warm the dressing between your hands

Remove the ´top´ white release paper being careful to minimise finger contact with the adhesive surface

Hold the adhesive side of the dressing over the wound

Align with the centre of the wound
  Gently apply the centre part of the dressing

Remove the ´bottom´ white release paper whilst rolling the dressing in place - but don´t stretch it

Repeat on the other side and remove the clear release paper
  Gently mould the dressing into place 30-60 seconds   Gently lift one corner of the dressing

Roll it away from the wound whilst holding the skin away

Gently lift the other corners and pull upwards until the dressing completely peels off

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