Our products for burns

Dressings for partial-thickness burns should aim to:2

• Maintain a moist wound environment
• Absorb excess exudate
• Provide a physical barrier to reduce the risk of infection
• Maintain maximum contact with the wound
• Be easy to apply and remove
• Remain in situ for 10 days (unless removal is clinically relevant)


AQUACEL® dressing and AQUACEL ® Ag Hydrofiber® Dressing have demonstrated a number of properties which are beneficial for the management of superficial and mid-dermal partial thickness burns3,4

  • Reduced pain and discomfort during dressing changes
  • Can be left in place for up to 14 days
  • Few dressing changes
  • Ease of application


In some patients, faecal management can be a significant challenge, especially when the burn is in the lower extremities.

Flexi-Seal ® FMS is a temporary containment device designed to safely and effectively divert faecal matter, protect patients' wounds from faecal contamination, and reduce the risk of skin breakdown and the spread of infection.

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