AQUACEL® dressing application guide for orthopaedic incisions


Incision drape can be used if desired. When a drain is used, it is important to separately dress the postoperative wound site and the drain site to enable easy changing of the dressing over the wound drain.



The skin close to the incision must be clean and dry before the dressing is applied.



AQUACEL ® Dressing (15 cm x 15 cm) is folded to create 3 or 4 layers (or surgical-sized dressings can be layered one on top of another) and applied over the incision. If more than one dressing is used, the dressings should overlap by 2.5 cm.



Use DuoDERM® Extra Thin Dressing or a polyurethane film dressing to secure AQUACEL ® Dressing. Eliminate as much air under the cover dressing as possible, but do not stretch the cover dressing when applying.



In knee operations, apply the polyurethane film dressing with the knee moderately flexed, followed by padding and compression according to local hospital protocol.



The skin close to the drain must be clean and dry. An AQUACEL ® Dressing (10 cm x10 cm) is folded to create 4 layers, cut to accommodate the tube, and applied around/over the drain site. This is held in place with DuoDERM® Extra Thin Dressing or a polyurethane film dressing (this example shows AQUACEL ® Dressing being secured with a polyurethane film dressing).


Please see package insert for complete Directions for Use.


The dressing will require changing when it is fully saturated.

If leakage occurs, or if the dressing becomes saturated, the dressing must be changed. Remove the dressing. The skin close to the incision must be clean and dry before the new dressing is applied. Reapply a new AQUACEL ® Dressing or as described in pictures 3 and 4 in the previous postoperative dressing application section.

Normal appearance of hip.

Following the removal of the drain and cleaning of the drain site, reapply a new AQUACEL ® Dressing as described in picture 6 in the previous postoperative dressing application section.

Normal appearance of knee.

Note that it is normal for the dressing to absorb some blood in the immediate postoperative period.

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